Winemaker’s Notes

The rarity of this grape variety is caused by a disease called “floral abort” suffered by the grapes. The low yield is balanced by the richness of the grapes which are allowed to reach over-ripeness under the September/October sun and then dried on trellises. Grapes are hand de-stemmed. Fermentation, in stainless steel tanks, takes a long time (up to two months) because of the high sugar content. Transformed into wine, it ages until June or July when it is ready for bottling.


The Picolit is powerful but delicate. The colour is reminiscent of shining gold. Aromas are of honey, dates, and dry fruits, mixed with exotic notes of candied pineapple.

Serving Suggestion

Suggested to be served at 14°C with Foie Gras and dry biscuits. Because of its richness, it is a meditation wine.

Spec Sheet

Vineyard Marco Cecchini
Varietal Picolit 100%
Appellation Friuli Venezia Giulia DOC
Vintage 2016
Body Full
Alcohol % 12.5%

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