NV Grand Rosé Brut


Winemaker’s Notes

Savouring the Grand Rosé Brut is like taking a bite out of a delicious piece of fruit. We attain this sensation through our selection of old Pinot Noir vines, a partial saignée to preserve the fruit’s aromatic potential, and assembly with Chardonnay grapes.


Nice, long-lasting mousse with fine bubbles. The initial nose reveals citrus fruit notes. When swirled, berry notes emerge, with cherry eventually dominating. In the mouth, the taste buds really explode, as if biting into a Morello cherry. There is a good attack with remarkable subtlety and an extraordinarily long finish.

Serving Suggestion

Rosé champagne is great with dinner, not just hors d’oeuvres. It goes with everything from decadent French food to Chinese take-out. Try it with halibut and turnip mash, mustard-roasted pork loin, or spiced chicken thighs with fava purée.

Spec Sheet

Vineyard J. de Telmont
Varietal 85% Chardonnay Pinot Noir 15% Pinot Noir
Appellation Champagne
Vintage NV
Body Light
Alcohol % 12

784 Richmond Street, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 3H5 | www.espritduvin.ca

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